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Facilis 100TB Object Cloud

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Object Storage Virtualized to your Desktop


Many facilities have concerns about deploying backup and archive workflows due to the additional management involved. Administrators must learn new applications and processes that are often detached from your normal workflow. What if your archive media was accessible and managed as easily as your active media, but wasn’t really there taking up space? This is the benefit of desktop object storage with Facilis Object Cloud.


With an easy setup and deployment, any Facilis nearline array, 3rd party attached storage or native Facilis virtual volume can act as the cache drive for cloud and LTO data. After writing to the archive, the disk-based data can be purged but still remains as offline file headers, ready to be searched and restored at a moment’s notice. When accessing cloud-based media directly or through



you can start viewing the asset immediately while the restore is in process. Object Cloud Software & Storage package is available for any Windows 10 server running Facilis version 7.2 or higher.


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Produsent Facilis Technology

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