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Feiyutech Hyperlink

Remote Controller

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FeiyuTech HyperLink Remote for AK Series Gimbals

This wireless remote is a great addition to the AK4500/AK4000 that gives you the ability to control the gimbal within 10-15 metres. The remote allows you to control the movement and sensitivity of the gimbal.

How do I use the Feiyutech Hyperlink Remote?

The LCD display found on the handle displays key information for the operation of the gimbal including shooting mode, bluetooth connection, power level and follow focus distance bar.

The joystick/4-way rocker is used to pan and tilt the camera or as an option select control. It also comes with a function button, shutter button and setting button to access the menu.

What is Motion Sense Mode on the FeiyuTech Hyperlink remote?

The trigger button on the back of the remote allows the user to initiate and cancel 'Motion-Sense Mode'. When active the gimbal will follow the movement of the remote control in the user's hand. To pan and tilt the camera simply move the remote side to side to pan or up and down to tilt. When this mode is active joystick and button control will not work.

The 'Multifunction Knob' on the side of the remote can be used to make fine-tuned adjustments to various features selected by pressing down on the knob and changing the control object.

This remote has a USB Type-C port for charging and a 1/4 inch mount for using accessories including the mobile phone clamp that is included with the remote so that you may use your phone as a monitor.

What is included with the FeiyuTech Hyperlink Remote?

  • USB C to USB A cable
  • Mobile phone clamp
  • 18650 Battery
  • Adaptor for fitting phone clamp or other accessories
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