Freefly MoVI XL Optical Gyro Upgrade

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The Freefly F.O.G. (Fiber Optic Gyro) upgrade expands the capabilities of the MoVI XL Cinema Robot, by increasing the stabilization performance and allowing one to take advantage of the MoVI XL’s surplus motor power, structural stiffness, and ability to shoot long lenses in harsh conditions.

Advantages of the FOG:

Having 100x lower drift than the stock MEMS sensor (the only perceptible drift comes from the rotation of the earth)
Resistance to vibrations
Adaptability to high accelerations
Lower noise and “random walk” than MEMS Sensors, for long lens shooting.
The FOG upgrade is designed for:

High speed car work, or any environment with significant, sustained acceleration
Applications where any drift is very undesirable (techno crane, dolly, long lens, etc.)
High vibration environments
Timelapse / Hyperlapse (extremely precise pointing over long time periods)
When you use your MoVI XL Cinema Robot constantly, and only want the best for it ;)

1x FOG with mounting kit
2x FOG Cable assembly
1x 3.0MM Hex Driver

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