Hawk-Woods Mini-VL 3A Quad Charger

4-slot V-mount simultan lader

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Our latest 4-channel V-Lok simultaneous charger offers a more sleek and compact look than our previous simultaneous model, we have stepped charging current down from 4A to 3A this is to suit MINI-VL as well as standard V-Mount batteries. 

Doing this protects the cycle life charging at a lower current.  

Still keeping the simultaneous function so that you may charge all four batteries at once for ultimate charging times!  

This charger is fitted with 3A boards and is suited for our mini-vl battery range as well as our high performance and classic VL batteries. You will be able to charger other manufacturers batteries with this charger. 

LED's fitted for battery status, also fitted with soft leather carry handle.


  • Simultaneous Charger
  • 3A Charging


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Produsent Hawk-Woods

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