Klotz 4 kan Multilink 4xXLRF/4xXLRM 6m


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Klotz S04FM 4 channel loom analog: 4x XLR 3p. male - 4x XLR 3p. female
PW..X, Ø 0.22 mm², high flexible studio multicore, XLPE insulation (cross-linked PE)
heat shrink clear, both-sided for free labelling
XLR - sparkling bronze metallic shell

This highly flexible studio connector cable handles four channels in one, putting an end to 
cable chaos once and for all. The ideal choice to connect effects pedals from desk to side rack, 
it also fulfils any other patching needs.
These cables are produced from our popular PolyWIRE studio multicore bulk cable, with 
generous 0.22 m² conductor cross-section and low 85 pF/m. Specs that ensure outstanding audio quality!
Shrinking during soldering is virtually eliminated by the use of ultra-heat-resistant crosslinked 
polyethylene insulation for the strands (PE-X). The pigtails of the individual conductors are 
enclosed in an extra-strong self-extinguishing woven sleeve and made up with 
Neutrik XLR connectors (XLR 3p. F/M). The outer jacket has a transparent shrink sleeve at both 
ends for labelling as required.

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