Nissin Digital - Nissin MG10 for Sony

Nissin MG10 + Air 10S for Sony

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Nissin MG10 + Air10S

Høyeffekts trådløs strobe for montering på kamera eller for bruk i studio

Ultimate Power An advance NAS 2.4Ghz Wireless strobe for on-camera and studio shoot

The MG10 is a high power (80GN, 165 w/s) advance strobe in the N.A.S., Nissin Air System*1. The flexible hand grip arrangement which can be used both left and right side with height level adjustment. Every single MG10 included a quick release mounting magnesium “L” bracket, AA battery magazine, Li-Ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder and wide-angle diffuser. There is a shutter release button on top of the handle and standard adapter screw under the flash head for using in the studio shooting. It also fully supports Air 10s and Air 1 commander wirelessly.

Patented design – magnetically contacted motorized zoom head *2 The removable external motorized zoom allows MG10 to zoom 24 ~ 200mm and 18mm with diffuser. It can also control in manual and auto synchronize lens focal length via Air 10s.

Fast recycling time with full power When two Li-ion batteries with PS8, type 26650, the recycling time is only 1.5 seconds (500 flashes with 5000mAh batteries or higher). With 8 AA re-chargeable batteries the recycle time is approximately 3.5 seconds*3.

High power modelling light (LED) The powerful modelling light without zoom head which is perfect match for applying to the studio usage.

Set your group of strobes free – The Open Mode allowing multiple Air10s pair to the same group of strobes The “open mode” allows for multiple Air10s units to pair the same group of the MG10 strobes which means the need to re-pair devices is eliminated. Even if cameras are changed, the same settings can be used as the shoot continues. This convenient functionality allows multiple cameras and commanders to share a same group of NAS strobes(MG10).

Independent control of maximum 8 groups MG10 supports the basic and advance groups in maximum 8 groups via Air 10s. The basic group which is independently control the exposure setting in TTL or M mode. The advance group which is control both TTL and M mode in the mixing setting.

Sustainable performance – easily updated via a Micro SD card slot The MG10 equipped with a Micro SD card slot that allows user to update the device easily by themselves. Nissin plans on putting a Micro SD card slot on all future strobes and commanders.





  • Power – 165Ws


  • GN 80m @200mm (ISO 100)


  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi


  • NAS 2.4GHz Radio System 8 Channels


  • Flash Duration – 1/167s – 1/10,000s


  • Head Tilt 90 / -7 Degrees, Swivel 180 Degrees Left & Right


  • Fan Cooled Head


  • 8 Watt LED Modelling


  • Light External HV Battery Port – (Sony Socket)


  • PC Sync Port


  • Micro SD Card Slot For Firmware Upgrades
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