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PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Universal Mount Kit

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The PGYTECH Osmo Pocket Universal Mount Kit combines three accessories that let you mount the DJI Osmo Pocket to a wide range of supports, such as selfie sticks and mini tripods, and to comfortably make tilt adjustments on the top and bottom. The Data Port to Universal Mount secures to the Osmo Pocket's data port and lets you attach the gimbal to the top of the L-bracket. The L-bracket allows you to interface with various 3-prong mount supports. The Universal Mount to 1/4"-20 Adapter takes things a step further by letting you equip just about any 1/4"-20 support with a 3-prong mount.

This 3-pack of Osmo Pocket Data Ports to Universal Mounts from PGYTECH includes three adapters that let you attach the DJI Osmo Pocket to 3-prong mount supports. You only need one, but three are provided so you can attach each to a different support accessory and quickly move the Osmo from one to the other.

The Data Port to Universal Mount secures to the data port right below the Osmo Pocket display and provides a 2-prong mount. A wide range of corresponding 3-prong mount supports is available from PGYTECH and third parties, including the PGYTECH Osmo Pocket & Action Camera L-Bracket / L-Bracket Plus. Alternatively, PGYTECH offers an optional Action Camera Universal Mount to 1/4"-20 adapter (MFR # P-18C-032), which converts a 1/4"-20 screw to a 3-prong mount, letting you convert selfie sticks, mini tripods, and other supports.

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