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PolarPro Osmo Pocket Gimbal Lock

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The Osmo Pocket Gimbal Lock provides maximum support for your gimbal in transit, allowing you to leave on your favorite PolarPro filters. Keeping a minimalist design in mind, the lock provides a compact option for case-less storage. The contoured pressure fit build makes it easy to install or remove as needed without added stress on the gimbal. Constructed out of rigid reinforced nylon, the Osmo Pocket lock is guaranteed to survive the most rugged adventures.

Key Features:

  • Fully locks down gimbal for maximum protection in storage 

  • Protects camera lens, filter, and LCD screen against dirt, dust, and debris during transit

  • Compatible with DJI Control Wheel, PolarPro Filters, Tripod Mount and Action Mount

  • Low profile design provides a compact option for case-less storage


  • Quick pull-to-release removal designed to eliminate stress on the gimbal
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Produsent Polarpro

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