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Rotolight Titan X2 - P

Pole Yoke Mount 2800-10000K °K

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The Rotolight Titan X2 redefines the standard for cinematic lighting. A ground-breaking LED soft light, it utilizes state of the art RGBWW technology to deliver unparalleled light output, outstanding colour accuracy for gorgeous skin tones and a suite of industry-first features to enhance the creative possibilities of lighting professionals.

Lots of light in a sleek package Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Titan X2 delivers the very latest in LED technology in a sleek yet robust package, engineered to last. It is the brightest 2x1 soft light ever made, with none of the added weight. Meticulous in its colour rendition, Rotolight Titan X2 excels in both CRI and TLCI performance, saving time in post-production.

Electronic light adjustment
With industry-first SmartSoft technology, you can electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread; eliminating the need for gels, whilst its gorgeous soft output and large beam aperture wraps flatteringly around subjects.

Color screen with touch control
Effortlessly access key features with an easy to use interface, quickstart icons, and 50 user customisable presets, saving time on set. With a full-colour touchscreen display, preview Titan’s extensive filter library to ensure that you achieve the exact colour you want at a moment’s notice.

Creative lighting effects with CineSFX
The Titan X2 also features Rotolight’s award-winning suite of user customisable CineSFX (Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparazzi and more); providing endless creative possibilities on set. Equipped with High Speed Sync flash (1/8000th) with powerful output and zero recycle time, the Titan X2 is also ideal for high-end studio and portrait photographers.

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