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SmallRig 2218 Left Side Grip L-Bracket

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SmallRig Left Side Grip for L-Bracket 2218

Key Features:
1.Fits left hand well and enhances grip comfort;
2.Allows quick switch between stills-shooting and video-shooting;
3.Provides three types of mounting points making video-shooting possible;
4.Protects and manages cables.

SmallRig Left Side Grip for L-Bracket 2218 is a universal left grip designed to work with the baseplate of SmallRig L-Brackets. As an alternative to the side plate, it offers L-bracket users a possibility to shoot videos. The grip threads into the baseplate through two M4 screws. On the top of the grip is a cold shoe allowing the mount of a microphone or a monitor. It also comes with two 1/4”threaded holes and one arri locating hole so that a magic arm can be attached. In addition, the grip comes with an M4 spanner allowing users to mount and dismount the grip with ease.

Designer: Bill Wang


1.The left side grip works with the baseplate as an alternative to the side plate.
2.For certain baseplates, it might be difficult to plug in cables with the left side grip on. Under those circumstances, it is suggested that the left grip be attached after plugged in cables.

Package inclues:
1 x Left side grip
2 x M4 screws

Product specifications:
Product dimensions:90 x 68.8 x 30 mm
Package dimensions:135 x 100 x 50 mm
Product weight:165g
Package weight:204 g
Material:Aluminum alloy

Teknisk info


Hovedkategori Video
Produktkategori Stabilisering
Produkttype Hurtigplate
Produsent SmallRig

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