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Smallrig Universal Shotgun Mount

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Key Features:
1.Size-adjustable mount to firmly hold 19-25mm diameter microphones;
2.Built-in silica gel to absorb bumps and noise;
3.Attached by 15mm rod;
4.Compact and low-profile (72mm in height).

SmallRig Universal Shotgun Microphone Mount 1993 holds microphones with diameter from 19mm to 25mm. By adjusting the knob, it can grip mics of different sizes firmly. Fixed to the camera by the 15mm rod clamp, this mount is very convenient to use. For example, it can be attached to SmallRig Top Handle 2027 and Heavy Duty Handle 1979. It is equipped with soft elastic material in the microphone clamp and between the two parts, which absorb bumps and noises when you shoot run-and-gun.

Shotgun Microphones (19 - 25mm)

Package Includes:
1 x Microphone Mount 1993

Product Dimensions: 72 X 53.5 X 42mm
Net Weight: 73g
Materials:Aluminum Alloy, Elastic Material

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Produsent SmallRig

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