Sony MPK-HSR1 Undervannshus til RX0


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The Sony Waterproof Housing for RX0 Camera features a depth rating of 330', and is constructed from a ground aluminum-alloy material. When using this housing, access to the camera's buttons is maintained. An on-board light or other accessory can be mounted to the integrated shoe, and 55mm-diameter can be attached to the front of the housing. Besides protecting your RX0 from the watery depths, this housing adds impact-resistance, and is shockproof and crush-proof.

Waterproof depth rating of 330'
Shockproof, crush-proof, and impact-resistant
Maintains access to RX0 camera buttons
Accessory shoe for on-board light, etc.
Accepts 55mm-diameter filters
Constructed from a ground aluminum-alloy material
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