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SWIT S-2630 Flexible LED Panel Bi-Color

Bøybar fleksibel LED lampe 60 x 60 cm

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Swit S-2630 Flexible Bi-color SMD LED light of 150W

• 756pcs ultra bright surface mounted LEDs
• Flexible 10°-360° lighting
• 150W power, 3900Lux @ 1 meter center
• 3000K-5600K continuously adjustable
• 0-100% flick-free dimming
• Super high CRI Ra=97, TLCI=97
• Separate controller with LCD touch screen
• 2.4G wireless cascading control
• Support DC / V-mount battery 11-17V input
• Water proof fabric for outdoor using
• Portable X bracket for lighting tripod mounting

Flexible LED light with 756pcs SMD surface mounted LEDs, and can be curved to any shapes to output 10°-360°various lighting angles, which can be widely used on field video production especially the lighting in narrow space. Designed for outdoor use, the waterproof fabric protects LEDs from rain and moisture during use while allowing it to be simply cleaned with water.

It is 150W, generates a luminance of 3900 Lux at a distance of 1 meter (in the center). The brightness can be adjusted from 0 % to 100 % continuously and without flicker. In addition, it offers continuous adjustment from 3000 ºK to 5600 ºK as it is built with alternating LEDs, allowing you to adjust your color temperature continuously between 3200 ºK and 5600 ºK.

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. And TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is special for the color reveal ability by camera sensor. Max value 100. The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while S-2630 offers the super high CRI at 97 and TLCI at 97, and will not lost the object original colors.

Includes a control box to display dimmer value, color temperature value, battery status and wireless channel. Touch up/down buttons to control and supports 11-17V 4-pin XLR DC input, and equipped with a battery plate to power by V-mount battery.

As a culmination, this panel supports 2.4G wireless networking. The control box provides A, B, C, D 4 wireless channels, and you can set several S-2630 lights at the same channel, so that you can control all the lights by any of the control box. It provides a foldable X bracket, to set the light on tripod. Support 0°-180° tilt angle.

What's in the box:
1x Flexible LED
1x Control Box
1x Diffusing cover
1x AC-DC adaptor
1x X-bracket
1x Antenna
1x Carry case

LED - 756pcs
Color Temperature - 3000K-5600K
Brightness - 0%-100%
Luminance - 3900 Lux/1m
Beam Angle - 10º-360º
CRI - =97
TLCI - =97
Input - 150W
Voltage - DC 11-17V
Dimension - 600mm x 600mm
Light: 0.7Kg
Control box: 1.1Kg
AC-DC adaptor: 0.84Kg


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Produsent SWIT

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