Vocas FCR-15 - Flexible Camera Rig BASIC

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FCR-15 Basic kit consisting of:

  • Flexible Camera Rig FCR-15 (0350-3000)
  • Leather handgrip kit short (0390-0003).

The Basic kit is compatible with a wide variety of cameras and is recommended for cameras which include a tophandle.

The FCR-15 is a 15 mm height adjustable camera rig with an ARCA balancing system and an extremely flexible shoulder pad, which offers a high variety of shoulder mounting positions. The top of the rig is equipped with an ARCA camera dovetail plate, offering quick release sliding and balancing options for your camera setup.

The ARCA camera dovetail plate slides in from the front or the top of the rig. On the right rear end, the shoulder pad is attached to the rig via an extender to a vertical 19 mm tube. The quick lock lever of the extender enables you to set the shoulder pad quickly in many different positions.

For instance, the shoulder pad can be used directly underneath the rig for a comfortable shoulder set-up, or into a compact chest support set-up. Further, the position of the shoulder pad can be set about 100 mm further backwards, while adjusting the angle of the shoulder pad as well. 

The quick lock lever also enables you to take out the shoulder pad and attach the shoulder pad to the rig in an offset position, transforming your shoulder rig in a offset shoulder rig. The variety in positioning the shoulder pad is a unique feature, making this rig compatible with any DSLR camera, compact solid state camera and compact cine cameras.

By using any of the above setups, the rig is a perfect solution for using the cameras front viewfinders and LCD screens, ánd LCD screens and viewfinders on the back of the camera. The quick lock lever enables you to expand and collaps your rig in just a second. Perfectly easy for packing your rig into your small camera bag. 

The height adjustable front rails of the FCR-15 provide compatibility with almost any camera DSLR camera, with or without battery pack, solid state camcorders and compact cine cameras! The bottom of the plate is equipped with several 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ thread holes for mounting all kind of tripod plates.

An optional 15 mm clamping block (0350-2010) can be mounted to the back of rig, offering the possibility to mount any 15 mm rail accessory to the back of the camera, for instance a battery, recorder, monitor or counter weight.

The leather handgrip kit offers a nice, stable and comfortable grip while using the shoulder rig.rig.

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